Maida Vale is a posh area of London - it is roughly a kilometer North-West of Paddington and borders Kilburn on the other side. It's mostly residental - there are very few shops and no famous attractions, unless you count St George's School in the North-West, outside which teacher Philip Lawrence was stabbed to death by a teenage gang in 1995.

Despite this, it's extremely quiet and very expensive, with house prices starting at £150,000 for a one-bedroom flat and going sharply up into six figures.

The cut-off at the Kilburn end of Maida Vale road is amusing, in that it is so abrupt; a few steps either way at the junction of Kilburn Park Road and Maida Vale road and you are either standing outside boarded-up shops on filthy pavements amongst a vast crowd of underclass, or standing on a clean, deserted pavement outside hotels and houses. Presumably, Maida Vale exudes an impenetrable, electro-magnetic field of middle-classness.

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