Area of North West London, abutted by West Hampstead to the east, Maida Vale to the south, Willesden to the west, and Cricklewood to the north. Postcode is NW6.

Known as the main Irish area of town, with the grotty pubs and drunks to prove it, it's cheaper to live in than it's adjoining neighborhoods for that very reason, even though it's fairly central, and with good transport (many buses, three tube stations) links into Central London.

Slowly becoming gentrified, although the main artery, Kilburn High Road is mostly populated by Kebab shops, Pound Shops and grotty pubs.

Good place to live if:

  • You're afraid of being bombed by the IRA, because unless they make a mistake when wiring it up you can be sure it's destined for somewhere NIMBY.
  • You like drinking. A lot.
  • You like eating kebabs after drinking a lot.
  • You need to get everyday household items cheaply (see pound shop)
  • You've got an old and smelly suit that you need to soak in urine and beer.
  • You prefer the type of pubs that are full of old men and have the windows blacked out.
  • Your preferred breakfast is a big greasy fryup at bargain prices

Actually, it's not that bad.. After all, myself and the gazelle currently live there..

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