A large cooked breakfast (although by no means necessarily eaten during usual breakfast hours), which usually comprises a subset of the following delicious items:To prepare this delicacy, simply gather as many of the above ingredients together as is possible and.. you guessed it.. fry them.
(Baked Beans go in a separate saucepan to heat until nearly boiling, and the toast, well.. you know).

The ingredients are properly cooked when they have absorbed approximately half their own weight of cooking oil.

A very fine and nutritious start to the day (or lunch, or post-clubbing-at-4am-in-a-motorway-service-station snack).

Anyone who makes a connection between the popularity of this dish and Britain's rather high incidence of heart disease is clearly either a Communist or a Frenchman.

I am still unsure as to the origin of the name of this meal. Please /msg me if you have information..

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