Andrew Sullivan is the TRB columnist for The New Republic. What makes him unique other than he is a conservative writer in a liberal magazine, is that he is a hiv-positive, homosexual, who is a practicing Catholic and a conservative writer.

I tend to agree with Sullivan a lot, as he is a social moderate (well, sometimes liberal) yet a fiscal conservative. A lot of moderate Republicans claim they are the same way, but most tend to whimp-out when tested; Sullivan on the other hand seems to have the intellectual capacity to pull it off. The other thing I like about him is he is religious, despite the Catholic churches' condemnation of his lifestyle. He simply doesn't give a damn if church leaders are (in his opinion) short-sighted.

Sullivan's other notable stance is shown in his criticism of what he calls the "YMCA gay culture". He feels that gays in America need to tone down their sexual promiscuity (he's making that charge, not me) and work their way into mainstream society. In fact he has made in the past a conservative argument for gay civil marriage, which he feels will help push this along.

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