There is no gay culture. Hah, got you there didn't I?

Gay culture is culture and, particularly, it is western culture. There is not segment of the population that talk, buy and live nothing but gay. A homosexual is born into a normal family, is brought up in a normal environment, goes to a normal school and lives much like any other human being. They don't live in another world distant from ours: they are our sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts and even our mothers and fathers.

Homosexuality has always been a part of our world. In both Greek and roman cultures, the roots of western civilisation, homosexuality was present. The contribution that certain homosexuals have made to the twentieth century are immense: from the writings of Oscar Wilde to the efforts of Alan Turing without which our precious internet might never have been.

Of course, all this is completely irrelevant. Alan Turing was just a mathematician who discovered something remarkable. Wilde was just a writer with a tremendous wit. Who cares if they were gay or straight, black, white or asian, male or female or whatever division or label we insist on giving ourselves.

The point is this: bigots want gay culture, even need it, to justify their fundamental argument that being different and celebrating that otherness is wrong. This explains the widespread revulsion and fear towards homosexuality: they bring that difference home to each and every family on the planet.

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