The Leatherman Tool Group introduced a new range of tools in September 2001, named the Juice range. There are five models that vary in size and number of tools, but they all share a common profile, smaller than most previous Leatherman tools; they're 3¼" (approx 82mm) long and about 1¼" high, the thickness varying from model to model. Unlike most Leatherman models, the side plates of the Juice range are anodized in a variety of colors.

The models are:

  • The C2, available in Storm (grey) and Inferno (red), with a corkscrew but no scissors; weighs 4.3oz (122g). It and the S2 (sharing the same basic plan) are the smallest of the Juice models, and the C2 is the lightest.
  • The S2, available in Storm (grey) and Flame (orange), with scissors but no corkscrew; weighs 4.4oz (125g), equally as small as the C2.
  • The KF4, available in Storm (grey) and Solar (yellow), has all the workshop tools but none of the household or personal tools - no scissors, no corkscrew, no bottle or can opener. It weighs 5.5oz (156g).
  • The CS4, available in Storm (grey) and Glacier (blue), is the same size as the KF4 but offers a scissors, corkscrew, and bottle and can opener instead of the second knife blade, the file, and the ruler. It weighs the same as the KF4, also.
  • The XE6, available in Storm (grey) and Thunder (purple), is the largest and most featureful of the Juice line, its features including all those available in any other Juice model, save for the ruler on the KF4.

On all of the models, the knife blades come from the outside of the folded tool, meaning it does not have to be opened up to access them; the same is true of the corkscrew, scissors, bottle/can opener, saw, awl and file, if present. The pliers and the screwdrivers require opening up the tool to access. There is no locking for the blades, though their springing is rather stiff, which means that they are a lot safer than many folding knives.

I own an XE6, having previously owned a Leatherman SuperTool which was stolen. This model is MUCH smaller than most of the other tools in the Leatherman range. The disadvantage of this is that, while still sturdily made, it is not as heavy-duty a tool as the full-size Leatherman tools. For what I use it for, which is largely working on computers, electronics and other small things, it's perfectly suited; in fact, the small, and very narrow, pliers are ideal for more delicate work for which the SuperTool was rather too large. It is much less suited for use on more mechanic-sized projects.

It does not come with a sheath or belt clip, which is not such a problem as with other Leatherman products since it is quite small, and would fit perfectly in a pocket or bag, being roughly the size of a mid-to-large Swiss Army Knife. Sheaths and clips are available aftermarket, though, if required. Note that while it would fit in a shirt pocket, it is in my opinion too heavy to be carried there comfortably.

The Juice range, in my opinion, is an interesting extension of the Leatherman range, making it for the first time a true competitor to the Swiss Army Knife for people who would find the larger Leatherman tools much too big and bulky. It is especially suited for those with smaller hands. Its brightly colored appearance might make it more appealing to some market segments, also.

This comparison chart uses information taken from the booklet that came with my XE6.

                          C2    S2   KF4   CS4   XE6


      Needlenose Pliers    x     x     x     x     x
               Scissors          x           x     x
         Straight Knife    x     x     x     x     x
           Wire Cutters    x     x     x     x     x
      Hard-Wire Cutters    x     x     x     x     x
      Small Screwdriver    x     x     x     x     x
    Med/Lrg Screwdriver    x     x     x     x     x
    Philips Screwdriver    x     x     x     x     x
     Lanyard Attachment    x     x     x     x     x
      Bottle/Can Opener    x     x           x     x
  Corkscrew with Assist                      x     x
                    Saw                x     x     x
                    Awl                x     x     x
         Serrated Knife                x           x
         Cross-Cut File                x           x
           Diamond File                x           x
                  Ruler                x


           Storm (grey)    x     x     x     x     x
          Inferno (red)    x
         Flame (orange)          x
         Solar (yellow)                x
         Glacier (blue)                      x
       Thunder (purple)                            x

Morven omits the Leatherman Juice Pro.

This multi-tool is identical to the Leatherman Juice XE6, with a few exceptions:

All in all, the Juice Pro is a slightly more perfect wrong tool for every job.

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