Busted Stuff is the Dave Matthews Band's latest album, released nation-wide in the United States on July 16, 2002. The sound returns to the more traditional style of the Dave Matthews Band, pulling back from the radical departure that was Everyday. Many of the songs on this CD were concert favorites in limbo between Listener Supported and Everyday (especially Grey Street). The general tone of the album is not only different in sound, but in feeling as well from their previous work. The tone is not darker... none of the songs here are dark. It is far less jubliant though: the feeling of an empty city block at three AM or waking up to a tedious, unfulfilling job on Monday morning, weather outside smoggy and dismal, a night in your room crying quietly because you're lonely and you do not know how to fix it. There are some bright spots as well though, so have no fear. You will be taken through this world gently.

The booklet included with the case features lyrics for the songs and the pictures of each band member in a beautifully crafted collage by Thane Kerner. There is also a second disk called "Other Stuff" that allows you to access extra features such as videos. I have not tried this disc, and I currently have no plans to; the music is by far enough for me. It may, however, attract your fancy. Also of note is that this CD does not feature the copy protection prominent in many new releases from the RIAA, so it is safe to play in a computer CD-ROM drive.

In my personal opinion, I prefer this album by far to Everyday. There were many good reasons to like their previous production, there were also many good reasons to dislike it. I fell into the negative camp.. it just did not sit well with me compared against such wonderous albums as Under the Table and Dreaming, or Crash, or Before These Crowded Streets. Busted Stuff renews my trust in the DMB for crafting the wonderful patchwork of melodies and rythyms that I've always expected from them. If you've never liked the crew, you still won't. If you were turned off by Everyday, give them another try. And if you've never listened to the DMB, beginning at the end and ending at the Beginning might be the way for you. Your choice.

Many have noted to me post submitting this write-up that most of these songs are taken from The Lillywhite Sessions.

  1. Busted Stuff
  2. Grey Street
  3. Where Are You Going
  4. You Never Know
  5. Captain
  6. Raven
  7. Grace is Gone
  8. Kit Kat Jam
  9. Digging a Ditch
  10. Big Eyed Fish
  11. Bartender

Busted Stuff is also the title of the first song here. It starts off the album with a ambling, staggered song of unrequited love... what else? There's some nice work on this song on the part of Dave Matthews, his voice swinging through a full range and descending from the lyrics into a sad, mumbled scat and surfacing to the lyrics again. It's a good way to introduce the pleasantly downbeat tones diffusing through the rest of the CD.

Not enough, neaver too much,
baby look just like love
Rolling stone gathers no moss
but leave a trail of busted stuff

You know she's going to leave
my broken heart behind her
I'll take what she's given up

You know she's going to leave
my broken heart behind her
I'll take what she's given up, yeah.

Moving to kiss, sweet sugar lips
baby look just like love
Without a care she floats above me
she got me down here looking up

You know she's going to leave
my broken heart behind her
I'll take what she's giving up
You know she's going to leave
this broken man behind

She's the one for me
When she move, she move so cool
got me feel just like a fool
But inside is where the devil rides

woman look just like love

Dave Matthews Band - Busted Stuff

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