Scrapped recordings by the Dave Matthews Band leaked onto the internet in late March 2001.

During the year 2000, Dave Matthews Band recorded twelve songs with longtime producer Steve Lillywhite, in a house-turned-studio outside of Charlottesville, Virginia. Matthews was suffering from a deep depression during the sessions, and the songs (which had been performed during the summer 2000 tour) strongly reflect that. For a long time the other band members kept silent, until at last drummer Carter Beauford spoke with Matthews, and the two concluded that the sessions were going in the wrong direction. Dave Matthews Band decided to shelve the material, and Matthews flew out to Los Angeles to work with producer Glen Ballard, where the two of them essentially wrote the album Everyday in its entirety.

Rigid fans, discontent with the change in DMB's sound, whined for the release of the shelved material, and in the last week of March 2001 they finally got their wish. As documented on the Dave Matthews Band Mailing List Website's message boards (, a user by the name of Craig received a copy of the songs in the mail from an unspecified source, supposedly at RCA. After (supposedly, again) acquiring a go-ahead from Steve Lillywhite himself, Craig went to work putting all twelve songs up on Napster, and they have since proliferated the internet.

Track list:

  1. Busted Stuff (4:05)
  2. Grey Street (5:58)
  3. Digging a Ditch (4:23)
  4. Sweet Up and Down (4:41)
  5. JTR (5:36)
  6. Big Eyed Fish (5:16)
  7. Grace is Gone (5:12)
  8. Captain (5:27)
  9. Bartender (10:09)
  10. Monkey Man (7:21)
  11. Kit Kat Jam (5:33)
  12. Raven (6:24)

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