Steve Lillywhite is a producer of musical albums. Some of his more notable clients are as follows in no particular order:


Dave Matthews Band


Counting Crows



David Byrne

Talking Heads

The Pretenders

The Rolling Stones

Peter Gabriel


The Psychedelic Furs

The Smiths

Needless to say, it would seem that Mr. Lillywhite has had an accomplished career. He is managed by Worlds End Producer Management.

In regard to his work with the Dave Matthews Band, Steve had been in the studio with the band in 2000 to work on their latest studio release. Unfortunately, due to Dave Matthew's depression, the band felt they were going in the wrong direction and decided to shelve the recordings. The band later decided to work with producer/song writer Glen Ballard, and turned out Everyday. Many fans agree that Everyday was a grand departure from where they wanted the band to be heading. This year however, the recordings from Steve Lillywhite's sessions were made available to one fan, who in turn made them available to all fans on the internet. This set of recordings is refered to as The Lillywhite Sessions.

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