The RCA is another name for the Reformed Church of America. It a variety of the Christian religion just like the CRC and is similarly devoted to the ideas of John Calvin.

Unfortunately, they had a schism.

"When you have one dutchman is a church. Two dutchmen, a denomination. Three dutchmen, a schism."

The type of connector used to transmit unbalanced audio signals and composite video signals, among other things. Compare S-Video, XLR.

The Radio Corporation of America. During the 50s, they made televisions and owned the NBC network. They were the first to make color television sets and dominated the field for years under the leadership of David Sarnoff - as they had done with radio. R.C.A. made tiny radios in what was called the "Dick Tracy Age."

Royal Canadian Artillery. The RCA is generally the militia or reserve branch of the RCHA (Royal Canadian Horse Artillery). There are some anti aircraft regiments but must regiments use 105mm howitzers which are towed by trucks.

A gun crew of four or more is usually used, in the RCA any gunner should be proficient at any position. Athough a towed howitzer of this small size would rarely be used in war (at least a 155mm tracked artillery vehicle would be used as the RCHA uses), the M105s are excellent training pieces; rugged and somewhat crude but can instill good gunnery skills on young recruits.

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