Soundtrack of Life - A Latin "Dance Impromptu"

"It Happened In Monterey" (Billy Rose and Mabel Wayne)  Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby (voc) Perez Prado (arr/cond) Perez Prado and His Orchestra. RCA 100th Anniversary Series: "Rosemary Clooney.

It was time to put the new Yamaha amp and speakers through their paces. And that was done beginning with the tune described hereinabove.

A jazz bassist who also is a hardcore hip-hopper came into the office when this song was on.

"Wussup wit the elevator music G?"

Went on a ride through Prado and Clooney's "Magic is the Moonlight," and juxtaposed Prado and Machito's versions of "Perdido." Prado's sold more but Machito's isn't as square.

Tested the bass response with a vinyl 12" remix side of "Dance (A Little Bit Closer)" by the Salsoul Orchestra featuring vocalist Charo.

The volume ended up on "7." Perilously loud. An employee came into the room and asked if we'd been drinking. The guy's eyes looked at me with a loathing undisguised.

The guitars scratched and sang, the Fender Rhodes twinkled, the strings and horns were sumptuous. And Charo, well, Charo was just, Charo.

║ the song and ◄◄ it from the top. Silence. For a split second, the guy who peered into my office must've been relieved.

For a split second, the anticipation was peculiarly unbearable.

Press ►. The drum riff that starts "Dance" went off like a machine gun. The first bass chord sent an imaginary wave of wind past us.

The two of us danced. Out of my office and into the hallway.

Now, mind you, this was a completely platonic thing. But onlookers had no way at all of knowing that, and indeed thought that the boss had gone mad.

They'll think that until tomorrow.

Moments like this

Make me thrill through and through

Careless moments like this close to you

Nonchalantly we dine and we dance

Yet my heart seems to melt in your glance

Sweet moments like this with the soft lights aglow

Make me long for your kiss though I know

I'd be just one of all your affairs

But at moments like this, who cares?

— Burton Lane

UPDATE: Am home and in bed. The house is silent but for the fan on my laptop and the ringing in my ears. Ringing caused by Rachmaninoff's Third Piano Concerto with the Cleveland and some Japanese girl. At volume 9 (I was afraid to go to 10; but turned up the power amp gain to a healthy tick above unity gain). Oh, and Donna Summer's "I Feel Love" back at 7. With the speakers a foot away from my ears. DON'T DO THIS AT HOME.

Okay, so I have some ideas here... and I feel like the "Day Log" may become my best friend at E2...

Anyway. First idea: Did you know that the eject button on a VCRhas more power than the power button? The premise is that the power button cuts the power on with one press, and of with another.

The eject button, on the other hand, cuts the power on, spits the tape out, and cuts the power back off, all with one push.

Next idea: Do centaurs have two ribcages? Because of the design of the body of a centaur, one would have to have two ribcages. So then, do they have two hearts, or one big one? Two intestinal tracts? Their brains would have to be in their heads though, you know? I would apreciate some input on this idea from other noders, please. Email me about it, or contribute to this node, please. Thanks.

And lastly, has anyone noticed that the last two Mega Man games from the original series (i.e. 7 and 8) have Mega Man making gramatical errors! In the end of 7, Mega Man says "I gonna do what I should have done a long time ago..." And in 8, he says "Why you don't understand?"

It's like for the last two games of the original series, the team either started doing dope, or just wanted to be funny... or maybe were replaced by less competant members.

Today's been one of those one step forward, two steps back sort of days. For instance, I had a dermatologist appointment today, which meant that I could sleep in a little bit. Unfortunately, my little girl had a nightmare, and I had to rock her back to sleep at 05:30. I never quite got back to sleep. After the alarm rang, I got up, showered, ate, and all that. I looked at my Zire 21 to figure out where the quack's office was. I packed up and left.

I drove and drove and drove. I was really pushing it (being on time, that is) and I was running out of road. Fuck, I thought, I wrote down the wrong address. Backtrack, and floor it to where I thought the office really was. Naturally, I catch every red light, and since it is now full-on rush hour, my blood pressure is through the roof.

The appointment itself? Anticlimax. I got my treatment, my prescription, and left.

I am strongly considering getting back into homebrewing. I haven't told the wife yet. She got me homebrewing equipment for Christmas a long time ago, but by March we decided we were on a road to alcoholism and quit drinking. I sold or gave away all my gear. Recently, we started drinking again, in moderation. Honestly, neither of us cares for getting drunk (and consequently getting hung over.) But she loves wine and has started learning about it, and I have started drinking beer. Under normal circumstances, we drink one or two beverages a week, usually at gatherings of friends. But there's a bunch of beer left over from my birthday party, and I got her a bottle of wine for her birthday, so we've had one drink a night, which I've heard is actually pretty healthy.

But I have gotten a hankerin' to restart the Hammerbeck brewery. Unfortunately, that would involve me spending money I don't have for equipment I cannot afford. I have been scanning homebrewing websites and the homebrewing node here. I can get away with some shortcuts, it turns out. For instance, if I can talk a restauranteur out of a 5 gallon bucket or two, then I have a free fermenting tun.

If any of the people in this writeup don't want to be mentioned in this writeup, let me know. Thanks.

I began archiving messages sent to me on October 28, 2003. I'm not sure how many I got up to that point, or why I decided to archive on that date. I think it was because I received a mentee the day before (hi, no_one!)

I deliberately didn't keep usergroup messages, or messages from Cool Man Eddie, or error messages from root, or anything else. Just plain old messages sent to me from another noder.

On April 8, 2006, I looked and saw I had 6666 messages archived. I decided enough was enough, time to delete the bulk, keep the best, and begin anew.

Here is some pointless data about the messages I've archived:

Top Ten Number of Messages Sent By A Single Noder

  1. Lometa (88)
  2. TenMinJoe (91)
  3. mauler (93)
  4. dem bones (106)
  5. Swap (115)
  6. wertperch (117)
  7. briglass (118)
  8. Cletus the Foetus (123)
  9. allseeingeye (135)
  10. N-Wing (141)

And Everyone Else Who Sent Me 50 or More

anthropod - dannye - Excalibre - Halspal - jessicapierce - Jet-Poop - JohnnyGoodyear - Lord Brawl - panamaus - rootbeer277 - TheDeadGuy - themanwho - Wiccanpiper

Some Stats On My Messages:

  • Number of different users who messaged me: 873 (A lot higher than I thought!)
  • Number of times jp used the word "dude" and/or "dood": 9 (also, 1 "d00D")
  • Number of times people thanked me for something: 711 (No, seriously - thank all of you for this awesome site.)
  • Number of conversations involving coding changes: 176
  • Number of conversations involving complaining about coding changes: 66
  • Number of conversations involving complaining about editing policies: 29
  • Number of conversations involving Godwin's Law: 2
  • Number of conversations involving Transformers: 3
  • Number of people who thought I was a girl: 6 (... and one insisted!)
  • Number of people asking when there would be a third installment of my College Jeopardy experiences: 39
  • Number of people complimenting my wife in my picture of us together: 17
  • Number of people complimenting me in my picture of us together: 1 (sort of)
  • Number of people whose 2004 zombie daylogs were entirely true (except for the zombie parts): 7

My Top Ten Favorite Messages (Except One (See Below) )

  1. Ouroboros says Put me on the sextrain to Aunt-Tart-ica!
  2. allseeingeye says sounds like Halspal. He's full of zen crap like that.
  3. icicle says i think i'm going to cry. or just, you know, eat your brains.
  4. FireBanshee says so what is a good XP whore strategy? does one exist that benefits both user and the database?
  5. Zucha says behold my sundry, eggy saucology.
  6. Baron von Love Sexy says I am taking a beating, my god...NOT IN THE FACE
  8. kerawall says re Ghosts I have known: My grandmother's memory has been rapidly reclining as of late. This made me cry but I needed to read it. Thank you.
  9. Wiccanpiper says When we met, QB sez to me: "I'm a conservative Baptist of my own accord." I said: "We shall have fun then." in my best Queen Mother voice.

And A Random Smattering of Messages I'm keeping

On Being An Admin

From the now-that's-a-double-entendre dept.
On testing the waters as a new admin:
grundoon says Oh, go for it, pull a few knobs off, I have a set of pliers.

From the leave-the-gun-take-the-cannoli dept.
Scriblerus says As long as you people keep the horseheads out of my bed, I'm happy.

From the makes-a-great-bumper-sticker dept.
jessicapierce says Our staff motto should be "be as kind and helpful as you can, but know that some people are still going to bug the fuck out."

From the richard-nixon-school-of-governance dept.
Halspal says When did you set up the group? bones asked me to talk to you a few days ago but I drink.

From the mua-ha-ha-ha-ha dept.
allseeingeye says Freed from the last fear that held him, K ran wild in the streets, raining terrible joy on the masses....

From the just-to-watch-him-die dept.
dem bones says Just wait until you introduce a major code change to the database. The users are going to sound like you shot their fucking dog.
dem bones says And I've shot their dogs, so I know what I'm talking about.

From the you-noders-fucking-suck dept.
dem bones says I sincerely doubt it - but now we're just talking about *that* node and not 'nodes like that.' That one sucks, I'm pretty sure. You get surer every year.

From the pretty-much-sums-it-up dept.
Cletus the Foetus says Hahahahahah "policy". You crack me up.

On Being A Writer

From the thanks,-but-TMI-dept.
dem bones says re sea worm: Now I'm all turned on.

From the damning-with-faint-praise dept.
Gartogg says re Gone in Sixty Seconds - Theatre Quest Entries: some neat ideas...not particularly original,though

From the obscenely-profane-compliments dept.
loquacious says re tree rings: Why the shitcock did some fuckass downvote this? Are they stupid? Were they just expecting some fantastic story or some shit? THAT MAKES ME ANGRY. *SMASH* I'LL FUCKIN' KILL'EM WITH MY BARE FUCKING HANDS AND FUCK THEIR CORPSE TO JELLY

On Being A Noder

From the wanna-fight-about-it? dept.
Excalibre says It's up, but I want to make it clear that I _only_ post for XP love

From the suicide-by-committee dept.
briglass says ha, but if someone commits suicide because of a low rep writeup, say +3/-15, that's 15 of us to spread the blame around, which I can handle.
briglass says but watch out for potential dayloggers withdependent personality disoder. one "perceived abandonment" can push them over the edge. +15/-1 is all it takes, kyle.

From the node-linked-to-all-others dept.
Timeshredder says I can't believe it took 'til now for it to be linked to Mr. T ate my balls.


From the yes,-don't-we-all? dept.
Palpz says I heart boobs

From the e2-staff-benefits-package dept.
Mr. Hotel says finally i can start drawing unemployment. hooker-and-ginville, here i come.

From the why-tmj-is-still-single dept.
TenMinJoe says The really sad thing is that I enjoy tinkering with Myth's setup more than I enjoy watching TV.)

From the no-mr-bond-i-expect-you-to-die dept.
jessicapierce says now is that any way for an arch enemy to behave?

From the was-it-ever-really-not-obsolete? dept.
AlbinoRaven says please kill my physics gang sign post, it is obselete

From the way-out-in-leftfield dept.
ac_hyper says Goat juice. It will change your life.

From the keeping-up-with-the-joneses dept.
dannye says That's cause you've got such a high-dollar movie screen monitor that nothing could outsize it, asshole.

From the lamentations-of-their-women dept.
haze saysI beg a thousand pardons for my importunity upon your greatness

From the michigan-snowflake-special dept.
dem bones says heroin is perfection itself.
dem bones says Since we're talking about heroin do you have any heroin I could have?

From the bullshitting-the-bullshitter dept.
themanwho says scrap whatever part of that message where I claim to be trying to do art. I have never done anything "artistic" in my life. I'm just having fun.

From the noone-is-smarter-than-allseeingeye dept.
TheDeadGuy says I am so NOT evil it isn't funny. I'm smarter than evil.

And finally, my all-time favorite message, a message from my good friend and wise leader Ryan. I'm not sure whether it was a warning or a wish at the time, but with every passing day I have come to believe in its power and truth:

dem bones says The real fun is yet to come. The people that believe the really crazy shit haven't got PC's yet.

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