Chairman of the Board of RCA through the fifties, at least. In 1959 he termed the following ten years the "dynamic decade" in electronics, and predicted the following developments in that period:

  • Super computers - smarter, smaller, and speedier by as much as a thousand times to take over more and more factory and office chores.
  • Global television in full color, relayed by orbiting satellites.
  • Electronic systems with no moving parts that will heat and cool homes more efficiently and electroluminescent panels in walls that will replace bulky electrical fixtures and cumbersome cords.

  • New homes and apartments fully equipped with electronic sight and sound systems for communications and entertainment.
  • Accurate long-range weather forecasts by means of electronic observation of cloud formations by satellites.

  • Electronic safety devices for highways and automobiles thaty will take much of the danger out of driving.
  • An "avalanche" of new electronic tools in the continuing war on disease.
  • "Commonplace" classes of 100,000 or more students with one instructor by means of educational television and other electonic educational aids.
  • An effective anti-missile missile guided by electronics.
  • Greatly advanced systems for defense and space exploration achieved through improved basic circuitry - components and materials that will amplify, direct, and control electronic impulses.

  • info from the NYT

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