The New Republic is a magazine of political commentary published weekly in the U.S. It's views are generally DNC-esque center-left, not at all radical and pretty bourgie, but interesting for its reporting (however partisan) on corruption in the Republican Party milieu. As in, son/daughter of politician X and lobbyist for corporation Y, being employed at Y, which has just benefited from a law passed by X. The tone of the whole thing is serious and heavy, though its political stance at times seems to vaccilate from right to left, part of the right being effected by ads from conservative think tanks. It should be noted though, that as with many weekly newspapers and magazines, the actual date printed on an issue is a week later than the date when that issue comes out, creating an illusion of up-to-dateness when it has already expired. The magazine is generally about 100-150 pages, with no pictures beyond a few editorial comics, carricatures and an ad on the back. In addition to commentary it runs reviews of books, films, art exhibits etc.

As of the July 2, 2001 issue...
  • Editor-in-Chief and Chairman: Martin Peretz
  • Editor: Peter Beinart
  • Literary Editor: Leon Wieseltier
  • Excecutive Editor: Christopher Orr
  • Senior Editors: Jonathan Chait, Jonathan Cohn, Michelle Cottle, Gregg Easterbrook, John B. Judis, Lawrence F. Kaplan, Andrew Sullivan, James Wood
  • Legal Affairs: Jeffrey Rosen
  • Managing Editor: Sarah Blustain
  • Assistant Managing Editor: Katie Isenberg
  • Films: Stanley Kauffmann
  • Theatre: Robert Brustein
  • Poetry: Charles Wright
  • Art: Jed Perl
  • Architcture: Martin Filler
  • Dance: Mindy Aloff

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