Today was the first day of school.


Blah. My first class, math, started at 9:00. The professor walked in at 9:10 and said something like, "You know how classes start ten after the hour, and end on the hour? It really confuses me."

Way to use the left side of your brain, mathy.

What the fuck? This Ph.D chick is gonna be teaching me linear algebra and she can't even figure out how the schedule works? She wasn't being sarcastic either... she made the comment a second time in the middle of class. I have high, high hopes for this class.


So the next class (at ten, which must have confused the fuck out of my last prof.) was math again. Yes, I'm taking two maths. Why you ask? Because I'm a goddamn retard (read: math major).

This class was surprisingly good. The prof seems like a nice lady, and we spent the whole class playing with pieces of paper. Playing with paper is a billion times more interesting than taking notes.

There was also a really cute girl that sat down next to me. I'm talking asian and moderately hot. Not hot in the slut sense, but hot in the cute-and-obviously-intelligent sense. The kind of hotness that I could settle down with and raise a family.

When she sat down she turned to me and asked if she was in the right room. I said something like, "I hope so," and didn't say another word to her the entire class.

I'm so fucking smooth. Smooth like a chainsaw.

God. GOD!! Why didn't I introduce myself? What the fucking shit hell crap fuck ass shit fuck shit hell was I thinking? Am I that much of a fucking coward? Lord. I look back at my silence in disgust.

I left class and had an hour break until English. I roamed around aimlessly, finally stopping by the arcade and getting my ass handed to me four times in a row on the Virtual-On machine. I met up with Johann and Jeff, and walked them to lunch. Then walked myself, alone, to English.

I got to class early, and sat down. Next thing I know, some white girl comes in and sits right next to me. I mean it, right next to me. And there were a billion other seats to choose. I was like, "yeeeeaaah," but she was white. I wasn't interested.

If only it had been the asian girl from math. God is a teasing bastard.

English was good. The professor is kick-ass. He was so cool I felt like I should call him by his first name. The topic of the class is "love stories." Too bad there wasn't one fucking asian girl in the class. I could have wowed them with my supreme english skill.

Supremely shitty english skill.

So that's that. I hope I can grow some balls and talk to girls soon.