This dream didn't spook me until I actually had been awake for a couple of hours. It should be noted before I state this dream that the last time I've had any passengers in my car was months ago...

The Dream:
I'm wandering through this mall and pass a pretzel/silver necklace stand and thought to myself, what a cool innovation (I suppose I was hungry). The woman running the stand was a rather beautiful Japanese lady. I made what might have been witty conversation, but in the way dreams will, the words were muted, and I forget what I said, only that she smiled a lot when she looked at me.

There was a band playing in the food court. They started playing the tango music, and I insisted she join me in a dance. Just sort of one of those spontaneous things that I could smile and say I had the balls to do... at first, she refused, but then she finally relented and I was really damn good! I didn't know how to tango, but it didn't stop us from amazing everyone, and getting applause.

Then it went into waltzes, and everyone joined in. It began to snow, lightly at first, but then it increased in volume... we were forced to move inside one of the stores to escape the snow. We found a more quiet spot, and I looked into her eyes. Somehow I knew she loved me, and I loved her. I kept trying to tell her, but it was always the wrong moment, or the wind would pick up and blow snow at us...between us.

...finally the snow grew so thick I couldn't see her anymore. I felt one last touch on my hand, and she was gone...


I awake this morning, somehow saddened. I'm actually truly awake at this point, not dreaming about being awake. I get ready for work, wait in the damn rain for a really long time, in traffic. My windows are fogging all to hell, and I'm glad my sunglasses are on, because they cut down on the polarization from the rain, though they do make things darker. When I finally pull into the well lit garage I remove my sunglasses and something strikes me as odd, but I can't put my finger on it. I look through my windshield curiously...

Then I look at my windshield. There, written in cursive, like new, from apparently the inside of the car, are the words "I love you!".

About that moment a sudden cold wind (in August in Texas?) blew the door shut.

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