I drew them close to me and crooned the Death Song; they died in my arms and their souls flew howling down to Hell. On arrival in the land of the dead, they were greeted by Oliver Cromwell and a committee of former Chicago aldermen appointed during the reign of Mayor Daley père. On being shown to their quarters, they immediately popped all the towels into their suitcases and ordered eleven double bourbons from room service. On receipt of the drinks, they consumed the drinks and broke into T. E. Lawrence's room, where they short-sheeted the bed and left a message in lipstick on the bathroom mirror. The message implied that Lawrence's starboard kidney had been removed while he slept. Lawrence's kidney had not, in fact, been removed. The management is taking this incident very seriously. A report will be issued when the investigation is complete.

  • argippa11 by drew23 (never seen on E2): The title is misspelled, to begin with; to go on from there, it's an unidentified, uncredited fragment from a work which Pseudo_Intellectual has noded at Agrippa, with full credit given. I think this writeup was the ringleader in the shameful events described above.

    Thanks to WWWWolf for bonking me on my pointy little head with this one.

  • assymbly by sane guy: "I love eggs". Well, golly, so do I! Over easy, with bacon, toast, fried potatoes, a glass of tomato juice, and a cup of coffee. Boy, that'd really hit the spot right now, wouldn't it? Maybe I'll put that in a day log or in my home-node, where it belongs. I informed the user.

  • spot-weld by sane guy: "I need some EGGS." Somebody's having a little problem here. I did not bother to inform the user.

  • 12 inch black mamba strap-on by Gau (never seen on E2): Boring, obscene, incoherent, pointless, illiterate. The sort of thing that passes for "humor" among people who don't get much oxygen.

Had an exchange with Merlin83 which ended very well: He's as good as his word. That's always appreciated.

I glared despairingly at tonight you may sleep the sleep of a thousand years: I asked the noder to add some content. He did. The problem is that it still doesn't make any damn sense, and all the commas are misplaced. But he did his best. He really tried. I don't know what to say.

Title edits needed: Evolution Control Comittee ("committee")

Noxious Nodeshells: argippa11, assymbly, 12 inch black mamba strap-on

The account of the late drew23 can be removed as well; that was the last of his writeups.