The word wiener needs to be integrated into everyone's vocabulary far more than it is already. It's not nearly as offensive as some of the words used to refer to the male sexual organ (i.e. penis, cock, dick, fuck pole), and rolls off the tongue quite nicely.

I also find that wiener is also effective in substituting for harsher name-calling words. It can simply be a nice, friendly insult. For instance, if you were to get in a shouting match with someone and desperately wanted to call them a fucking bitch or something outlandish like a cock-sucking douche bag, you could just calm down and call the person a silly wiener instead and laugh about how ridiculous the situation probably is. So starting to use the word wiener could very possibly save many friendships, and it's a fun word.

If you're using any term that means penis as an insult, it's likely that you want a strong, vulgar effect. This is probably why the term "wiener" isn't used much as an insult. It also has an air of elementary school when things were pee-pees and private parts. However, for use on your friends when they're being dumb, the term wiener should indeed be used more often. It would add to the insult to make it silly-sounding.

But more important than the term wiener being underused, the item itself is almost always underused. Sure there are those few guys out there that are the exception, but in general, I say use them more.

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