Writeups killed:

  • 2000 by Bobbelina: "A number combination of the four numbers: 2, 0, 0 and 0." Don't node this shit. I /msg'd the user, as I have /msg'd the same user before. There has been no improvement.

  • Editor Log: October 14, 2000 by Shanoyu: See my writeup in that node for the full text of Shanoyu's writeup, and an explanation. He had some comments that he felt were important and belonged there. I felt that user writeups in ed logs just gum up the works, but that he deserved to be heard. So we agreed to do it this way.

  • energy in motion by quadslut: Empty writeup.

  • Dennis Consultants by hi: "http://www.dennis-consultants.com", no hardlinks. A drive-by; the user was here for ten minutes, said one word ("hi") in the Chatterbox, and left us this gift.


Like Lord Brawl, I noticed rubysoho. I /msg'd rubysoho once or twice last night. Porpoise Syndrome has probably set in by now.

If anybody sees Hemos, please give him a quick boot to the balls for me, for afflicting us with this stile critter and its brainless fans. It'll all be cleaned up, but I'd rather not have to waste my time on it. Has anybody read Tunnel in the Sky by Robert Heinlein?

My only worry is that good new users may be mistaken for stile's kids just because they arrived at the same time, so let's all give newbies a chance before we judge them.