Well, it’s another "strictly business" Ed Log, just like this time last year. As Lord Brawl observed, work does indeed get in the way. But E2 marches on ...

Rendering assistance

  • Borgia family by Lila – excellent writeup that needed massive typo/grammar corrections. Noder extremely cooperative and asked for future help.
  • reading by paranoidfish – multiple typos and "it’s" fixed, noder not seen in over two years.
  • Brijole by Nildenan – nice writeup, just a few typos.
  • Child of the Night by shaddowdove – suggested noder add some softlinks and hardlinks.
  • Blue Eye / Brown Eye experiment by DoctorNo – some minor typo fixes, noder gone these three years.

Gently retired

  • I can win a game of Monopoly without buying any properties by kajerm – granted mercy since it was riddled with downvotes. Suggested noder move it to the daylogs.
  • January 7, 2006 and January 10, 2006 by izubachi – at noder’s request.
  • Missile ga by wampus – superseded by subsequent writeup. Noder not seen in over a year.
  • I am going to beat up Reel Big Fish by Pescolly – a two-line response, advised noder that this is not a writeup and to please refer to the FAQ.
  • Japanese Style Toilet by dharmaraja – at noder’s request.
  • The Girl who wanted to be God by godgirl – unadorned posting of lyrics, nuked on the grounds of copyright.

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