Beltane (a.k.a. Bealtaine, Bhealltainne, May Day, et cetera)

(May 1, in some traditions the day before or after)

Beltane is a Pagan Sabbat: a holiday celebrated by Wiccans, Witches, and many others whose religions fall under the umbrella of Earth spirituality and Paganism. It is the origin of the maypole festivals.

Beltane lore:

The God is now a fully grown young man and He and the Goddess make love for the first time. She is impregnated at this time. Love and union are embraced.

Beltane sentiments:

Fertility rites are the main objective of this holiday. We ask for fertility for ourselves and for our animals or crops if we have any, and also for our plans conceived at Imbolc and put into motion at Ostara to grow and become what they were expected to be. This is a time of extreme vitality and consummation of many aspects of life. It is also a time to help others; to aid others in making their plans and aspirations work out. Some people believe elves and faeries and other "little people" begin to come out at this time and might leave offerings for them. Beltane is a good time also to commune with the deities of choice and to celebrate the blessings of love and fertility They have bestowed.

Beltane practices:

Since the spring flowers have been growing, this is a good time to collect spring flowers and exchange them with people whose favor you desire. People also like to put the flowers in and around their cauldrons (since the cauldron is a symbol of the Goddess). Fertility rites are very popular, such as the maypole. The pole itself is a phallic symbol, and the celebrators skip around the pole holding ribbons that wind into a lovely pattern. Couples who want to conceive children might jump over a small cauldron while holding hands. This is a time when people have large gatherings and get-togethers where they all talk about life and have a great time. Handcrafts are popular for this time of year, especially woven gifts and fabric crafts. Many people like to build a shrine in nature at this time, sometimes in a home garden or in a nearby forest.

The Beltane season:

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