A large, heavy metal bowl used for cooking stew, or by a witch to mix the ingredients required for a magic spell.

Yes, many Witches actually do have cauldrons. And though a few probably still make stew in it, it's mostly a ritual tool now. It's just like the chalice in that it is aligned with the female aspect and the element of Water. The cauldron is a symbol of rebirth and renewal. It's a great tool to use for many, many things; you can put things into it that you want in the Goddess's "hands," you can burn things in it to renew them or cast wishes, and you can use it as a symbol in combination with another symbol (like a candle) to start a new beginning or set something in motion. Usually cauldrons are any fireproof containers that are smaller at the top than the bottom. For a while I actually used the top of this miniature potpourri cooker from Wal-Mart that didn't work. (It became too small for my purposes but it worked well!) Just make sure that if you ever brew something in your cauldron that contains non-edibles, you don't use the same one to brew potions to drink.

Magickal tools

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