Dust off your old predicaments, slightly
cut them in little cubes.
(There will still be dust at the previously hidden surfaces.
This is essential).
Immerse them in jell-o. Then in listerine.
Freeze them.

Pull out strings of your current preoccupations, angrily
prepare carefully the agar-agar colonies
(This may be toxic; wear gloves and hire a therapist.
Or masturbate, if you're on the cheap)
Wait some time until they infest your laboratory.

Now acquire a large cauldron and a large spoon.
(Don't overdo it; don't dress like a witch; don't use a dusty caldron)
Take the previous two ingredients and fry them in olive oil,
taking care not to get burned or greased up.

Bottle this fondue of anxiety and despair in old mayonnaise bottles.
Take the product to the nearest museum.
Sell it as poetry.

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