Sexual practise whereby one person performs oral sex on another who is giving head to someone else, and so on. Much talked about as a brothel stunt or the focal point of an orgy. The longest chain of this type was said to have been in Hollywood in the 40's: it snaked in and out of several cabanas around a pool! (Further details are lacking...)

A daisy chain is a series of slipknots tied together in series, using the loop of the previous slipknot as the base for tying the next slipknot. To make a daisy chain, start with a slipknot. Take the working side of your rope and push it through the loop of your slipknot without putting the end through so you form a new loop. Pull the knot tight cutting off the new loop. Repeat the process ad infinitum or at least until you run out of rope.

For those of us who have busy hands, daisy chains are a great way to keep yourself occupied: you can tie them out of anything from electrical cords, to shoelaces, to a stray thread and, with a little practice, you can do them without even looking at what you're doing. It can also be a somewhat useful knot. I personally tie them into my headphone wire to shorten them. If the cord gets caught by anything, the knot will just pull apart gently instead of violently yanking out the plug since it's just a series of slipknots. Still, my favorite thing to do with daisy chains are races: you and a partner start at opposite ends of a rope and start chaining as fast as you can. The person with the longest daisy chain when you run out of unknotted rope is the winner.

In computer technology, daisy chain refers to a series of peripheral devices connected in series on a bus, where each device has an 'in' connector and an 'out' connector so the devices can be linked in series. The daisy chain can be extended by connecting the 'out' of one device to the 'in' of the last device in the chain with a cable. A SCSI chain is a well-known example that is used with some personal computer systems. More recently, the USB system also allows daisy-chaining. (Yes, it's been verbed.)

What's this got to do with daisies, you say? The connection comes from the similarity to the very old practice of making chains of daisy flowers by tying one to the next with its own stem to make a nice garland, necklace or bracelet for your girl or guy. The technique is simple: tie the stem of one flower into a loop that is small enough that you can thread the stem of another flower through it without the flower passing through. You then loop the stem of that flower and repeat until your daisy chain is as long as you want it. You can then tie the stem of the last flower to the flowerhead of the first flower to if you want to. Making daisy chains is a fun summer activity for kids.

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