I finally went to sleep at 5 in the morning, after almost reaching level three. The day is near, friends, but I needed sleep. At ten A.M. I woke again and did the seventh installment of Faust, taking the oppertunity to talk some on #e. Took a shower at one and met up with John (client) at carpe at two-thrity. We agreed on a design and price - $225 flat rate for the site's layout, estimating the labour at five hours.
Thad had /msg me earlier telling me of his sickness and asked me to pick him up a pack of Newports, so I did that. When I got to his house and got past the dogs, he was feeling considerably better. He offered a joint, but I declined, having quit that nasty habit the day before for good. I then drove home, ate and got on e2 to add some posts - Here I am now, about to start on the layout job when learning about Kat's limp arm. Appearently she had gotten a TB booster shot in her shoulder muscle, limping it for the time being. Luckily enough Factgirl came through and helped kat like only she can.