First day withoug Wisdom teeth. I wake up, my mouth sore and dry, the overpowering flavor of morning breath and congealed blood throughout.

Two pills against infections, one against swelling, no painkillers this morning. Oddly enough, it's exactly twenty-four hours since we went to the doctor's.

::wacky tv-show timewarp thing::

Surgery is scheduled for eleven. Mom is worried about being there late / not getting to fill out the forms in time (she's my ride back) so we get there at 10:30. People come and pass before us, more people... the room empties. At 1:30 it is finally our time. I lie down in what appears to be a pimped-out dentists' chair and get my IV fixed. One shot to widen the artery and numb the area, then the needle is inserted and taped down. I don't know if it's the cold or nervousness, but I'm shaking. "No I haven't eaten anything since last midnight" - "Yes, I feel fine" - "No I'm not on any drugs."

A mask of pure oxygen (which smells like a cold chemistry laboratory) A distant voice tells me I'd be out in thirty seconds, things look double and fuzzy... I respond, "I'm no lightweight, you havetabringsommm..."

      Waking up from surgery always feels a lot like bungee jumping, where movment is darkness and rest is consciousness. The periods of consciousness grow longer, still I struggle with the darkness as if it were some sort of five-acre leaden blanket. As general consciousness increases, so does that of the two blood-soaked gauze pads in my cheeks. I focus... must ignore them somehow or I will throw up. Looking at the ceiling, I focus my attention away from them. On the way out I snag my teeth from the table (in a zip-loc bag, of course) - might come in handy during a photography project. Guided by a dis-approving nurse, I exit through a side-door to get to the car. Fully putting the seat back, we pick up my four prescriptions at Bruno's before getting home.

Aside from some tired iRCing, things stay boring. I fall asleep on the couch and wake sometime when it's dark. Jumping up, I switch my soaked gauze pads in the kitchen and go to the bathroom. Feeling dizzy... yellow stars, my skin grows colder... more stars, I feel sick, from the blood, from the drugs. I zip up and bounce against the bathroom walls before barging out the door and lying down on the sofa again. Ten minutes later I'm fine. I get some soup and watch Princess Monokoke with Alexander before passing out.