DATELINE: June 22nd, 2000A.D.

For those of you who haven't been watching the news lately, the NYPD has been doing some very interesting things. With the brutal shooting of 22 year old Amandou Diallo by four plainclothes police officers, not to mention the Wolfpack rapes in Central Park this past week, many are beginning to question the authenticity of the New York Police Dept.'s "sincerity" to "serve and protect".

Recently, American song-writer and performer, Bruce Springstein, composed a song for live performance titled "American ??:41 Shots" at Madison Square Gardens. After performing the song, which was a tribute to Amandou Diallo, the NYPD countered in a very hostile manner. The officer interviewed in retaliation to the song called ol' Bruce things like a "Fucking Dirtbag" and a "Floating Fag". He went on further to say that Bruce shouldn't have even written that song, since this is a time for healing for the families of Amandou Diallo and the officers, who are mounring his death as well. When Amandou Diallo's mother was interviewed regarding this developement, she said she was "very grateful" to Bruce for writing the song and that she's glad someone is doing something to "keep his memory alive". Interesting, no?

Once again, please excuse the lack of references and my not knowning the full title of the song, I'm doing all this from memory, not to mention I've been stewing on writing this node for about a week.

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Thank you for the correction Andar