A Fireball is a small, two handed sailing dinghy. First designed in 1961 by Peter Milne it became an instant hit because its simple hull shape made it ideally suited for home builders. Since then over 14700 boats have been built and registered with the Fireball Class Association.

The boat has gone through several revisions during its lifespan, both in its design and building techniques. The latest boats have a wider bow to better cope with large waves and are built from a foam sandwich which replaced the original plywood and later GRP hulls.

The boat is rigged with a bermuda mainsail, a jib, and a symmetric spinnaker.

Designer: Peter Milne
Portsmouth Number: 984
Length: 4.93m
Beam: 1.37m
Hull Weight: 79.4kg
Sail Area: 11.43 sq m
Spinnaker: 13.01sq m
Optimum crew weight: 140-170kg

Thanks to www.fireball-dinghy.org.uk for the specs. More info to follow - I collect fireball sail number 619 (1964 vintage) soon