Lina's stomach comes halfway out to her breasts according to Gourry. Don't forget, Lina possesses the power of the Giga Slave and the Laguna Blade (Ragna Blade, Raguna Blade, Lagna Blade, Ragna Blue), both of which draw power from the Lord of Nightmares. Lina found the Laguna Blade spell in a Claire Bible manuscript, and she created the Giga Slave on her own. It has been rumored that Lina contains a piece of the Dark Lord Shabranigdo within her body, and this is why she has the power to cast the Giga Slave.

Lina's sister, Luna Inverse, is a Knight of Ceipheid and the inspiration for Lina helping Filia (Philia, Phyria) in Slayers TRY. Lina showed magical pornographic videos of Luna taking a bath, and since Luna was always more powerful than Lina (which scares me), she would beat her up.

But it made her some money, ne? And that's kinda Lina's goal in life. Money, and subsequently food.

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