This season of Slayers is about the destruction of the Ancient Dragon race in the War of the Monsters' Fall and Valgarv, an Ancient Dragon made half Mazoku by Gaav. Valgarv wants to destroy the Golden Dragons, and in the meantime, beings from another universe (ikai hito, meaning other-worldly people and squid people at the same time, leading to several squid jokes throughout the series) are trying to summon the Dark Lord Darkstar into the Slayers Universe to keep him from destroying their own.

Of course, in the midst of all of this, Lina Inverse is forced to help because a human is mentioned in the prophecy, and her more powerful sister, Luna Inverse, turned Filia down when she asked for help. Filia turned to Lina instead, and Luna forced Lina to help with a threatening letter which scared Lina so much that she built a pyramid and buried herself in a sarcophagus to try to hide.

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