Dragon Half is a seven volume manga series and a two episode(22.5 minutes long each) anime OAV. The manga was written by Ryuusuke Mita and was originally released in the Japanese magazine, Dragon(Not related to the American magazine). The anime is distributed by AD Vision.

Dragon Half follows the story of Mink, a young teenage girl whose parents are a dragon and a former-dragon hunter. Mink has face quite a few problems in her childhood being a half-dragon, but she believes she has found her true love, the great knight bard, Dick Saucer! Unfortunatly, the King has other plans for her and her family. He has been planning a way to kill Mink's father so he can marry his wife! All the time, Mink is searching for a way to become normal so that Saucer will love her.

A very light-hearted comedy that mainly exists to spoof Dungeons and Dragons. The anime series draws from the first volume of the manga, and ends on a very odd note. The manga series actually finishs the storyline. If one is a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, this is definitly a good laugh.

  • Episode 1:
    In this episode we are introduced to Mink, her friends, and her family. She is attacked by the King's magician, Rosarrio, the knight, Damaramu, and is fended off of Dick Saucer by the half-slime princess, Vina.
  • Episode 2:
    Mink is tricked into entering a great fighting tournament in order to get a ticket to where she can get the People Potion, a potion that makes its drinker human.

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