Another classic game by the masters Apogee. The original, and possibly the best was titled Duke Nukem. It pitted a tough marine-like man with bulging muscles and a crewcut (proficient with any and every type of weapon) against an old chrome-domed supervillain. It was a scrolling platform game with relatively poor graphics but top storyline and incredible gameplay.

The second in the series was titled Duke Nukem 2. Once again, the old chrome-domed supervillain is back to try and stop Duke Nukem. The graphics were undeniably superior to any game at the time, and while the storyline suffered a bit, the gameplay improved three-fold. There were also four expansions available for a price.

The third installment is a rather modern game, titled Duke Nukem 3D. Apogee gave up the production of Duke Nukem to 3D Realms and GT Interactive Software. It revolutionised the Duke Nukem market, and Duke Nukem became known as a first person perspective 3D Shooter ("first person shooter") rather than a platform game. The graphics were not incredible for the time, and the storyline lacked considerably. It was quite popular still, however, with the inclusion of several comedic aspects and the all too famous naked chicks.

The fourth and final instalment is titled Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (also produced by 3D Realms and GT Interactive Software). In the fourth Duke Nukem you travel to several historic locations, fighting evil aliens as you did in Duke Nukem 3D. The storyline is fairly cheesy and the gameplay lacking. The most noteable features of it were the improved graphics and the addition of third person perspective.

Duke Nukem also recently made is way onto the Nintendo Gameboy in a rather lacking game with incredibly poor graphics (as is expected for a Gameboy). Obviously just another grab at some cash. Another installment, cheesily named Duke Nukem: Land of Chicks is due for release some time next year.

Personally I'm not expecting much. In my opinion once Apogee gave it up Duke Nukem lost its credibility. Shame on 3D Realms and GT I say, they ruined an incredibly enjoyable title.

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