The vast majority of times, those people who work the tables in the casinos aren't there for the entertainment of gambling - they are there to make money. It is a job. Dealing blackjack, the croupier at the roulette wheel, the people who run the craps games... its a job to them. Just as with waitresses at restaurants, it is important to tip well.

How do you tip?
There are two basic methods for tipping:
  • Give a tip after a bet is won
  • Set aside part of the bet for the worker.

Tipping at Blackjack
Its odd to give a tip after a blackjack is dealt to you. This is because the future hands have less chance of getting a blackjack (there are fewer aces in the deck). Instead, place a portion of the bet before the cards are dealt in the space for insurance. This designates that the money is set aside for the dealer. This is still part of the bet and gets payed off 1:1 with a win, and 3:2 with a blackjack. The entire portion then goes to the dealer. With a loss, the entire bet (including tip) goes to the bank.

Tipping at Roulette
Again, a tip after a win is feasible and makes more sense than a tip after a win at blackjack. It is also possible to place bets on the table for the croupier. Frequently this is done on 0 and 00, but can be placed anywhere on the board. It is important to let the croupier know that this portion of the bet is for him or her. These bets are often the table minimum wherever they are placed. A $1 win on the 0 and 00 split will pay the croupier $18.

Thank you Mitch (of Fitzgerald's in Reno) for reminding me of this

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