The brown dragon is a traditional monster in both fantasy fiction and role-playing games.

Brown dragons are also known as "desert dragons". They are usually one of the largest type of dragons. They are highly intelligent, but they do not consider humans to be anything other than food, and they will not speak with them. This species is not winged and has no means of flight. These giant man-eaters are strangely revered by many desert cultures and figure prominently in the mythology of most desert nomads.

Brown dragons are hatched from eggs and they come out with thin leathery brown scales. These scales will become lighter color as the dragon ages, and will finally take on a color that is nearly white. Brown dragons do not have a traditional breath weapon, but they are able to be almost as effective in a sandy environment by breathing in large amounts of sand and then expelling it in a mighty blast that can strip the flesh right off most creatures. Some older dragons gain the ability to control the desert sands themselves, even to the point of making it come alive in an elemental form. But those powers are far from universal.

Brown dragons almost always make their homes in sandy deserts. They prefer to live near human settlements where food is easy to come by. They consider the blue dragon to be their biggest rival. Battles between the two species are very common and form the basis of many legends in the surrounding desert cultures.

Many brown dragons do not mate at all. Those that do tend to very quickly raise large broods and then release them to live their own lives. The ones that do mate are fairly decent parents, giving at least instruction and knowledge to the young dragons. Individual brown dragons seem to vary in their devotion to their hatchlings, but it usually doesn't run very deep.

Brown dragons dig their own lairs, usually a quarter mile or more beneath the desert sands. They never leave any obvious openings, instead they tunnel to their lair through sand dunes that will collapse behind them. They have no real need to breathe, so they can stay buried like this until they wish to feed. They are capable of eating sand, but prefer to eat meat whenever possible.

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