As this is my first daylog in long damn time perhaps an update is in order. I'm still working in Peoria at a software house, and I'm still the odd LANMAN out in a world of programmers.

My first roommate in has already skipped town. He couldn't stand Peoria after a month and a half. I can't hardly blame him, but he still a bitch for leaving so soon. On the upside my l'il brother moved in so, it's all good.

Currently I'm working on two projects:
First, at work I'm migrating every service I can think of from Windows NT to Linux. I've /almost/ got them convinced to move the Lotus Notes server over. Hell we run the big one on an AS/400, so it's not like they are tied to Windows. I already switched the DHCP, DNS, firewall, and VPN servers over, but mail, web, and ftp run off this stupid Notes box. My god it's an awful environment. Why can't Lotus get some software patents so noone can ever the mistakes they made again.

Second: On the personal front, I'm teaching my brother the CCNA class that I taught in high school last year. He's fresh out of prison (note to self: don't deal drugs), and he needs some work. He's gonna have to go scrub dishes or some shit for a while, but he's smart (not smart enough not to get caught though). He'll find something.

In the interim, I've been seen on #everything on IRC. Not a bad scene to be seen in. General shouts to hamsty, hardcorekitty, and Eraser_

Oh that reminds me, in response to my I have the most interesting breasts on everything2 writeup, Eraser_ emailed me a pic of his chest ( Mine are more interesting, but it's good to see someone taking a shot at the crown so to speak. Thanks for the laugh E:) Aw'ight works over -- I'm out.