Ruggero Deodato was born on 7th of May 1939 in Potenza, Italy. For some he may also be known as Roger Rockfeller; Roger Deodato or Roger Franklin. He grew up in Rome's Parioli region, which is known as the home for many of Italian cinema's most notable figures of the 1950s. Thus it was only natural that Deodato developed an interest in cinema at an early age.

His friendship with the son of director Roberto Rossellini led to an assistant director job on "Il Generale della Rovere" in 1959. The next eight years he spent assisting on more than 40 films for such great italian directors as Mauro Bolognini, Riccardo Freda, and Joseph Losey.

In 1968 he made his official directorial debute "Fenomenal e il Tesoro di Tutankamen", earlier in 1964 he had directed "Ursus il Terrore dei Kirghisi" after Antonio Margheriti abandoned the movie in mid-shoot. Later Deodato walked on it too and left the burden on director of photography Gabor Pogany, who finally finished the movie. Antonio Margheriti was eventually credited of the piece due to commercial reasons.

Soon Deodato had enough of the film industry and quit in 1969 to go into advertising and television. 7 years later Ruggero Deodato was Italy's leading producer of TV commercials and had taken Lamberto Bava as his assistant. During his career Ruggero managed to produce several highly regarded commercials and news programmes and later on he ventured into drama series, with great success.

In 1975 Deodato made a comeback to the big screen with "Ondata di Piacere" and was soon back to full time film producing. 1979 was the year when he created one of the most infamous and hated films of all time, "Cannibal Holocaust", a twisted and violent depiction of humankind. This was definitely the movie for which he would be remembered for.

In most of his films Deodato describes man's inhumanity to man and strips the human condition to its most primal level. Often it is a civilized man who acts as an instrument for Deodato's views.

Cannibal Holocaust could be seen as a true fluke and an important milestone for Ruggero Deodato, this was undeniably his breakthrough. But on the other hand, after the release, Deodato was filed with several law suits and the movie was banned in many countries, this and the huge amount of bashing and threats he received reflected very severely on him and his career. The sad thing is that he never really recovered from it. He's still alive and breathing though.

Despite the difficulties he faced after the release of Cannibal Holocaust Ruggero didn't stop making movies and has directed numerous titles, the latest one, a TV-series, was finished in 1999. Sadly none of them reach up to the same level as his earlier productions.