As I am on my way to bed, I thought it'd be best to write of today while the memories are still there, however fuzzy they get. I didn't have to work! Awesome. Spent the day lounging around until about noon, when I took a nap after reading the second chapter of The Path of Daggers. I've been re-reading the Wheel of Time series again this summer, it's still as good as ever. Luckily the next book will be here soon. It's so hard to wait two years in between each of them.

I managed to wake up at two o'clock or so, just in time to kick my brother and his friend off the couch where they had been watching Happiness (an extremely disturbing movie) and drive them to soccer practice. Listened to Wu-Tang on the way home, turned the base up and pimped it all the way to the driveway. Always good to do that once in a while, so long as there aren't too many people around to see my license plate.

I lounged some more, then went on over to Aaron's house, found him asleep on the floor while Schmoo was watching Pokemon. It was the episode when Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Squirtle, and some other little guys were insisting on keeping the main character kid warm instead of going back into their pokeballs. It almost made me cry, the way Pikachu's little face looked up and said he wanted to stay. I'm pathetic. Shut up.

Went to band camp at six but I had to leave early due to some of the worst cramps I've ever had to live through. I was scared I'd throw up in front of the entire band. That would be a bit embarassing. Speant a while in the bathroom pleading with my stomach to stay settled. It didn't work. I hate being sick. I hate being female. I hate being me, sometimes.

Watched the last bit of Survivor. (Spoiler alert) I can't decide if I'm glad Rich won. Kelly looked so depressed, but I suppose anyone who came that close to winning a million dollars and barely missed would have some regrets. Poor girl. Anyway, I'm a little digusted in myself for getting so caght up in that show in the first place. Sigh. Well, goodnight to all.