Hear o dem bones, I have not killed nor have I nuked as yet this day. But it's not over yet, so check back.

I have sent out spelling msgs and fixed a few typos and bad links in some old nodes by users who have fled the building.

I nuked a few nodeshells as well.

I did a title edit requested by Jinmyo. and two for heyoka.

Okay, update. These are all nukes:

  • death and suicide by jandradt. After some discussion he wanted to get rid of them. They were the result of not yet understanding softlinks. Nuked.
  • be all that you can be: become a migrant laborer and An incredibly stupid reason why I got called into the school counselor's office. Nuked at Gamaliel's request.
  • My own write-up under morning person. Just because.
  • nine9 had a duplicated wu in Klingon Dictionary which was nuked at General_Wesc's request.
  • Hermetic's nuke request, a goodbye msg, reproduced here:
    All of it. Everything I have ever written. Consider me a troll, and destroy the account.
    I want tothank those of you that made the site something that I wanted to be a part of. I can no longer tolerate the people that make Everything their own personal abuse vehicle.
    I will miss you all. Goodbye.
    Thank you,

    And of course Hermetic's other contributions will not be nuked.
  • chain noding' as requested by eclip5e

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