September 24, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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O dem bones, the swelling of new nodes in the nodegel extends throughout the ten directions. From Catalonian recipes to obscure tirades for and against C++ to dreams and childhood memories to Pez dispensers, the gel holds and is shaped into these and more. Your fleet-tailed and many-eyed editorial gel-dwellers flick this way and that, reading, messaging typos to noders, cooling, cleaning, culling. The gel heaves and a new string of nodes are squeezed through New Writeups. There is rejoicing.

The Crypt dissolves:

  • Nodeless user accounts Slang and Gordo. Suggested by fugitive247.
  • incest by Wampum and Azathoth. Nov.13, 1999.
  • Nodeless user denial.
  • The Wicker Man by Copy_paster. necromancer is Copy paster. There were two identical copy and pasted wus, one under each name.
  • diffrence by rikard. Requested by AndieX.
  • By necromancer, by request:
    • Top 10 reasons compilers must be female
    • Top 10 Reasons Computers Must Be Male
    • Windows 95/98 - A OS or a Virus
  • female geek node with wus by Foobars, thefez (sorry, but linkless and unfunny), Anonymous Chode, necromancer.
  • Sephiroth entries by Alric, corum, RChicken, BadmanX. All of these entries refer to a character in a game, Final Fantasy. But none are complete, and refer primarily to each other.
  • By blaaf, by request:
    • The ABC of Anarchism Chapter 7
    • The ABC of Anarchism Chapter 22
  • throw a drowning man a rope by ferrouslepidoptera, by request.
  • misty by FuzzyDice, flymike, negative creep. Requested by dizzy.
  • Many many nodeshells have been relaxed into the gel.


    • narcolepticinsomniac suggested that fled user -Avatar- and his four writeups be nuked. I visited the homenode and looked around. Motto: "you have to be different to be l33t". In the bio space: "if your reading this you are lame. otherwise you are lame. either way you are lame. go away lamer." Hm. I checked the wus, nuked them all (including a response to one by TheLady and a puerile paeon to "horny teenage girls" by jedimaster). I then swam back and out and over and nuked the homenode from gelspace.
    • EU: NOD101 - Intro to Noding wu by owduhere. By request.
    • spottycat by RenArgente. Nov. 13, 1999.
    • The secret life of E2 revealed in mozilla droppings by Cid Highwind, by request.
    • mat catastrophe has purged himself of the following past sins:
    • wussies
    • Whose nose is it anyway?
    • The Absurd Hatred of Capitalism: 3
    • longer passwords
    • Now that I am Level 3
    • nodeshell recrew team
    • Who the hell is Hayden Christensen?
    • Looney Bin
    • invaginate
    • Feminist girls who are cool...
    mat castrophe has now been freed of these burdens. Pick up thy keyboard and node, brother.
  • Suggested by tregoweth:

I stalked and circled the herd for hours until I saw the weak ones: I knew they were the ones. They had the look of being the right ones. They were crude, ill-formed, limping. They had a smell of being unworthy. I desired their flesh. I struck.

  • Theory and an identical writeup in dream by otnooishphoo (E1 user, showed up 9/16/2000 for (literally) three minutes, not seen since): "Perpetual Dream Theory...? Perpetual Dream Theory." Turns out "Perpetual Dream Theory" is his band. These are "see foo" writeups, but they're offtopic, which is worse than the usual. They limp shamefully back to the gel. I think m_turner pointed these out to me; thanks.

  • Miscrosoft by binarybits (Never seen on E2): He doesn't like Microsoft. In fact, he dislikes Microsoft so much that he can't even stand to spell it right. There's no wit, wisdom, insight or information here: Just bile.

  • Miscrosoft by Sam Beckett (Never seen on E2): Ditto, broadly speaking -- but at least he can spell. Thanks to Seqram for spotting this node.

Naughty, Naughty Nodeshells: Miscrosoft

Users with No Writeups: Sam Beckett (not the real one, I suspect)

Killed Don’t force your phallic philosophy on me by 0137. Pointless drivel that adds nothing to E2. It was also quickly gaining a very negative reputation. Apparently created as an excuse for a soft link to dem bones' holism node. Sheesh!

While I send what seems like a hundred spelling messages to noders every day, today I sent a message to a noder with misspelled Italian. Now I know I did not waste my time when I spent four years in Rome.Mamma mia! I was so pleased by this opportunity that I ended up chinging the write-up after the typos were corrected.

Killed the E1 legacy Broadway write-up by the never-logged-in Tony Tastey. All it said was that it was a stop on the Red Line, but not in what city. This is explained in a later write-up by Woundweavr, which makes the legacy write-up unnecessary. I found all remaining write-ups in this node informative, so I upvoted them all, chinged one, and placed the whole node on Page of Cool.

Found the entire the perfect website node pointless. However, because it seemed well meant, I did not kill the write-ups but asked one of the gods to just delete the whole thing without any XP penalty to its noders.

Killed: necromancer's writeup in you know you're a gamer if. It was blank.

Killed: Toastie's writeup in freaks. A rambling and generally uninformative writeup about a movie called "Freaked", not "Freaks". There is a difference.

Found a killable writeup late last night, decided to save it 'til today. "I'll remember something that bad," I mumbled. Sure enough, it's long-forgotten. Moved a notepad next to the computer for future emergencies...

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