This morning I had planned to do nothing... I had woken up at noon, and missed class (again). I decided to visit my friend Valerie at 2:00 PM, as I often do, but her class (choir) was still in session, and I left at 2:20 PM after I got tired of waiting. I then proceded to the Sunnyvale Caltrain station at 3:20 PM and surprised my ex-boyfriend Matthew (who I am still good friends with).

Matthew and I had an early supper at a wonderful Italian resturant and then returned to his place at 5:00, where we played with his network for a while. I went home around 7:00 PM because my parents decided to have a spontanious party, and wanted me to be there. So, I had to entertain my friend Brian and his girlfriend. We watched Addams Family Values and started on Life of Brian before they left. I haven't yet heard from my boyfriend (Matthew, not to be confused with the ex-boyfriend Matthew), which bothers me slightly. Now I shall node, and then fall asleep.