Today I wrote my first Everything Day Log. After I get home early (today's CSCI lab is about the for loop) I will write two short Economics essays and then sit down for five and a half straight hours of science fiction: Beast Wars(watched on a US station, normaly Beasties) Babylon 5, Sliders, First Wave, Shadow Raiders(War Planets in The States), Beast Machines, Star Trek: Voyager.
October 19, 1999
October 20, 1999:r1
October 21, 1999
The Day That Everything Crashed.

We had to survive out Everything Withdrawl for a very long period of time. And just after I found out about the Everything Smurfs stuff. I hope they're not related to each other.

We've lost Jean Shepherd. Despite being a New Yorker by birth, I never knew who he was, other than the Funny Columnist in Car and Driver - my childhood radio-listening habits didn't include WOR-AM, where he did his show. I probably wouldn't have cared at the time anyway about some guy improvising monologues about some Midwestern backwater

Years later, he did occasional work for PBS, and I became "mature" enough to dig him. Still later, I caught some of his radio work (Shepherd was kewl punk trash compared to Garrison Keillor's wine-and-cheese milquetoast), but I imagine the stuff he did long before I was born was the coolest. Thanks to the WWW, I can, hopefully, find some old airchecks.

Everything Jones! Actually, I finished unfinished nodes (since I usually have emacs running, I start 'em at the drop of a hat). Withdrawal was belated: I was distracted by Real Madrid disgracing itself against Porto in the Champions League.&Shameful! Why wasn't Seedorf in the first XI? I'll tell you why... in white coats arrive to wipe the flecks of foam from his mouth and administer sedatives -Ed.

October 19, 1999 | October 21, 1999

I attended the most recent NTK Live event, "g3EkNight". It was geeky show with acts such as Lamer vs. Kramer, the singing 386DX and theremin playing. Beer was available, as was "open source" ice-cream. Richard M. Stallman was there to teach us all the Free Software Song, to the tune of Saudi Moma.

He distributed song-sheets amongst the audience, and we all had a go. Sight reading in 7/8 time is not a particular strong point of mine. After he was finished I called out "Richard!", as he walked past my table. He came over and signed my song-sheet. Happy Hacking, Richard M Stallman. When the other audience members figured out what was going on, chaos ensued, as geek after geek crowded round, clammering for autographs.

The poor guy was flustered, embarassed and probably resentfull. The debate raged in NTK over the following few weeks about exactly where RMS had signed a particularly keen geek girl, collar bone or breast? Well, it was my pen!

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