Another lovely dress-up Friday

For whatever reason, lately I have begun to dress-up on Fridays. Today I am wearing (*shudder*) a flowery black, white, and grey, skirt; a nice, slutty, black shirt; black boots; and these silly little pastel hair clips all over, in my hair. I think I dress-up on Fridays because most people dress-down, but that would be hard to do, given my usual working attire. Either the scale pertaining to dressing-up vs. dressing-down stretches out both ways to infinate degrees of nice versus nasty, or there is some point where the scale loops back around. I am going with the latter of the two ideas.

I likely won't get much accomplished at work today. It is so nice out! I am going to run to the parking lot, after typing this, and finish screwing the last two signs into the metal wall by the company parking lot. This evening, I am to be kidnapped and taken to Santa Cruz, so I will probably be taking off from work a little bit early to throw some clothes and stuff together for the weekend and to say my tearful goodbye to the cats. (I don't really feel that bad about leaving the cats, but it makes them feel better if I pretend that I do.)

I haven't gotten anything done today, or very little, as I predicted. After screwing in the signs, I decided to go to lunch. I dragged a couple guys with me to lunch, but made the mistake of mentioning that we were going to lunch, a little too loudly, when we were still back in the office. We were going to this wonderful little Greek deli, and I ended up taking to-go orders from half of the office before we were able to leave. After ordering the sandwiches, I went down to the Housewives' Market in Oakland to buy a pack of Gauloises. It is one of the few places that sells them. I then returned to the confusing task of getting the sandwiches paid for and sorting out everyone's change. We ate outside of the deli, as it was too nice of a day to go straight back to the office.

After this, I sat down and caught up on some email in the office. I looked up from my desk, and, low and behold, one of my good friends, whom I used to work with at EarthLink, was standing there. I knew he was coming down for an interview, but I forgot it was this Friday. It is strange to see an ex-coworker in your current workplace. It was great to see him. I ended up walking him and his friend over to my place to show off the dead FIAT.

After finally returning, I did my share of bullshitting with people, and tried to get some work done. Instead, here I am adding to this writeup.