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"Life is a comedy to those who think, and a tragedy to those who feel." -- Unknown
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I don't really have a lot to say about myself at the moment. Mostly because I am in the middle of fighting off the attack of a vicious kitten named Pumpkin that I have recently acquired. (She was found starving in a heating vent, poor thing.)

Generally speaking, I am a pretty quirky person. I grew up in Indiana (yes, I am psychologically damaged as a result) and moved to California at the age of 17 (nearly 18.) Since that time, I lived down in Los Angeles, happily being a waitress after becoming too sick to finish out my second semester of school. Somehow I got thrown into the mad realm of the tech world, which provided me with a much needed escape from LA. From there, I was in Sacramento for some months. I now reside in the Bay Area working for a certain German Linux company. Lord knows I need to stop drunkenly submitting my resume' to places, it has gotten me into so much trouble . . .

Update: I would like to retract my previous statement about drunkenly submitting resume's possibally being detrimental. After being laid off from SuSE, I found a job working at IBM. I did not use the drunken resume' submission method that I am so used to, however. This may have prooved to be my downfall. I am now living in North Carolina, working in Research Triangle Park (aka: RTP). I haven't done much noding lately, as I have been writing more stuff in my personal web log , which has bad spelling. It is located at under the news section.