Another name for many of us - someone who's life is forever intertwined with the newest of technology. in the derogatory sence it's a support person who at many times thinks he knows more than he really does, therefore screwing things up royally.

A meeting of stage technicians to build and/or plan a drama production. Ususally they first build the set and then plan the layout for the scenery (The job of the Stage Designer. Later in the production a select group of techies will plan the lighting (AKA the Lighting and Assistant Lighting Designer). They will plan the position and focus of all of the instuments. In a school drama production the freshmen get stuck with all the stupid jobs, such as cleaning the closet and sorting screws.

Tech is a style of computer-generated abstract art.

As art is usually hard to define, especially abstract art, here are some elements that are very common in the tech style:

  • Futuristic fontfaces
  • Random geometric shapes or curves meant to portray a futuristic image (see LCARS from Star Trek)
  • Random (or not random) numbers meant to give the image of some sort of interface, a count-down, or some sort of calculation
  • Random phrases to add to the techy feel (ex. "NAVCOM ONLINE" / "DIFFERENCE ENGINE" / "COMPILE SOURCE" -- a common trend is using only consonants or omitting most vowels: "CMPLE SRC" -- another common trend is separating words with periods instead of spaces: "CMPLE.SRC" / "NAVCM.NLINE.RPRTS.RDY")
  • Reducing opacity on objects, especially text and random geometric shapes, to portray the feel of a futuristic interface
  • Using simulated glass orbs
  • Using dark, subdued colors. Some favorites are dark, navy blue, dark grey, bluish grey, and greyish blue.
  • Streaking images (this is when you take a 1 pixel "cross-section" of an image, and repeat it to the edge of the image, creating a color streaking effect. This works well with photos.
  • The Arrow - A large arrow, pointing diagonally (often with opacity turned lower). This is a very popular trend. A variation on this is to create a few arrowhead-like shapes, some smaller than others, pointing right or left.
  • The Bubble - Simple several circles, smaller ones withing larger ones. These are often bunched together, adjoining near the sharp pits between cirles, to give a bubble-like image.
  • A more recent trend is simply using a pattern of diagonal lines.
  • Using pixel fonts set to a very small size (note that usually they will still be readable because pixel fonts are made to be readable at small sizes)
  • Using all-capital sans-serif fonts

The designers at 2advanced studios ( seem to be fans of the tech style.

Obviously, tech's goal is to give the image of futuristic technology. Tech is sometimes referred to as trendwhore. Tech is often referred to as the opposite of grunge.

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