Tasty Bits from the Technology Front is an email and web ( http://www.tbtf.com/ )based journal of various emerging issues from the fields of computer and communications tech. Keith Dawson acts as both host and editor .

What sets TBTF apart from other tech journals are both its longevity and the people who contribute( the TBTF Irregulars ) to it. Started by in 1995 TBTF has seen and reported on much of what has gone on in tech and has grown a good sized readership. As of January 28, 2001 there were 15,500 direct email subscribers and an estimated 62,000 regular web site readers.

TBTF comes out in issues, reflected in the email to email subscribers and the web page at http://www.tbtf.com/. Each issue is made up of several sections, some of which are:

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