This extremely delicious old Dutch recipe is the perfect way to be sinful when you’re on a diet, and it contains the aphrodisiacs chocolate and raw eggs, which appears to work... (so maybe the love of a man really goes through his stomach). Or to impress your colleagues/friends that even you can bake. (Ok, it’s not really baking, but they don’t know about that.)

Estimation of the time of preparation: 8 minutes + x hours waiting (depending on your patience. x may vary between 0 to 8 hours)

- About 250 g dry biscuits, but don’t let you’re conscience speak, do not go for the wholegrain-type but the dull biscuits made with white flour.
- 225 g butter. Margarine will do just fine if you ran out of the real thing. In the old days the recipe was with suet, but I wouldn’t recommend that, because then you can’t eat more than one slice at the time; after all its destiny is to be eaten.
- 150 g sugar
- 8 g vanilla sugar or a bit of vanilla essence.
- 6 spoons pure cacao powder (NOT the Nesquick-like instant milk chocolate powder)
- 1 egg, or 2 smaller ones.

Break the dry biscuits into pieces; not complete crumbs, say about 1 or 2 cm2.
Melt the butter in a big saucepan or wok and add the sugar, vanilla sugar, cacao and the egg(s).
Stir till it’s homogenous and add the dry biscuit pieces. Pour this mixture into the cake mould (about 18 cm long) and put it in the fridge for about a day (or night). However, if you’re impatient, half a day in a lousy freezer will work well too. (Lousy freezer = the three-star-like freezing compartment in a fridge that doesn’t work properly anymore, often found in student houses).
Et voilá

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