This Universe update should include the ability to turn the "breathing" option on, or off, or at least put it on stand-by for a time. This would be infinitely handy for sneaking up on someone, eating without swallowing air, and for swimming underwater.

Also, it would be very handy if we could turn "sound" off in the Universe, or "vision". This would make it much easier to identify with blind, and deaf people, and probably make the world a much better place for it.

Toggle switches would be the key thing here, toggle switches on everything.

I'd hope that this Universe 2.0 would make time travel possible, so that I could go back and stop a few wars.. of course, this would kind of, you know, change the entire world dramatically, but who cares, I'm ready for something new already. :)

Oh, oh! Also, I'd like to be able to turn on an option that "refreshed" or "changed" the scenery, or "skin", every time you blinked. This would mean every time you opened and closed your eyes, the image before you would be totally different. Of course this feature would need a settings list, so that you could choose how many blinks between each change, how dramatic the change would be, etc., etc.. but it does have potential, I think.