Version 2.0 is supposed to correct several major problems that exist in 1.9 beta (which is currently being used to host existence). Originally, 1.9 was going to be offered as a stable release but some new data structures got planned at the last minute so the design team decided to skip straight to version 2.0 A list of fixes to 1.9 include:
  • Various range checking problems that caused the mass of objects that exceed the speed of light to get set to null. (In version 1.9 this was partially corrected by increasing the mass as speed increases -- so while infinite mass could now be achieved, the user shouldn't be able to do it.) The speed of light restriction will no longer be imposed since mass should now be calculated correctly.
  • Several divide by zero exceptions have been reported. No more black holes or singularites.
  • Increased security. A pair of hackers found a securtity hole dealing with single particle interference and managed to give themselves infinte energy and zero mass. This caused quite a few problems but they're in jail now and the security hole has been plugged.
  • Optimized storage by eliminating time. Instead of storing a history in the Universe, nightly backups will now be made. With the additional storage, space will be expanded to four (five, if the load can be handled) dimensions. This should provide users with more mobility.
  • Gravity will no longer be associated with curvature in time. The calculations used to compute mass and velocity were too complex for most users so the GUT has been modified slightly. Gravity will now use gravitons as a convenience. Unfortunately, this will invalidate General Relativity, but nobody should mind.
  • The Weak force will be made a little weaker as some studies have shown it might be carcinogenic. Unfortunately, it can't be eliminated yet, but a tighter new algorithm will be used so most users shouldn't be able to notice it.
  • Neutrinos are still causing problems so mass has been set to zero, and additional security precautions have been taken to keep them hidden. They're important to the system but worthless to users so they should be made indetectable. More hackers have been screwing with the system and have been found tinkering with them, however, so users caught messing with neutrinos will have their accounts terminated. (Those of you out there who haven't bothered looking for them need not worry -- they're entirely server-side.)
  • A new force has been added that will surround and control everything and will give some users the ability to alter some properties of other entities, along with a few other perks. It doesn't have an official name yet so it is currently only referred to as The Force. (If you have any good ideas for a name for this force, please email the team! If you pick the name used, you could win a shirt and hat!)
Plans for 2.1
Backward compatibility. Although no complaints have been made, it would probably be handy if existance wasn't erased during every upgrade.

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