Do you ever wish that there were markers in life that reminded you of this? I envision this as a special feature on a DVD while the movie is playing...when the green fairy appears on the screen, click enter to learn more about the scene (hey, that rhymes!)...except you can't click enter, this is your mind, your life, but it would be a reminder to take note.

The important moments of your life, the ones that will play themselves over and over again in your mind are never the ones you expect them to be. You look forward to milestone events, graduations, birthdays (pay attention, the planet has made one more revolution around the sun), holidays, parties, what have you, and while these may be great days and photo ops, these are never the important times. Those perfect (or imperfect, as the case may be) moments happen when you least expect it, and it'd be nice to know that one had just occurred.

When you look back on it, you'll wish that you had known the significance, you'll wish that you had committed it to memory more clearly. Hindsight is 20/20, but unfortunately my natural vision isn't...I hadn't thought to grab my glasses as the EMS arrived to put my dying (though we didn't know it at the time) father into the ambulance. Blurred sight as a metaphor for inattentiveness to life, you'll wish you'd known what you were thinking, feeling in all of your senses at the time, but you didn't know.

So all you're left with is: light coming through the window, almost painfully bright to you, diffuse in the particles of the air, oblivious to the connection being formed at that moment.

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