Damn. The t-shirts are cool. I was wondering how long it would take for there to be some real E2 merchandise although I imagined coffee mugs first. Maybe that's just the demon inside me speaking. Regardless, they are swell. Thank you for making them in medium. I am not built to wear skirts.

Today I discovered that Hobby Lobby (the local arts and crafts superstore) carries Penguin Mints. Yoon (that's my girlfriend, what the hell might as well bring a little fact noding into this somehow) was shopping for fabric for her Buttercup costume. It's a little scary since she looks a lot like Buttercup without any help at all. Anyhow, I stocked up on the magic mints and now the air is vibrating. Maybe I shouldn't have eaten the whole tin on top of all that coffee. Wow. I think I just saw God.

I made a pitstop at the nearby thrift store today looking for cheap, warm clothes for winter. I felt like walking right back out to make sure that I hadn't accidentally ventured into Hot Topic. There is something about the economically viable hipster buying up all the ironic clothing that someone with a frozen ass and no money might need pisses me off. Yes, my radical ideas about irony and the collapse of civilization have already occurred to others...

In casual conversation over dinner tonight a sort of friend found it hysterically funny that I am originally from New Hampshire. I agree that the state slogan "Live Free or Die" is somewhat extreme but I had to ask what the source of the hilarity was. "Oh, it just seems like such a quaint place to have grown up in," was all he could think to say. I really hope that I don't come across as like that. Neurosis is my area of specialization. Woo hoo.

I had an unfortunate round of name calling and temper tantrum throwing in the chatter box last night. My apologies to TinCanFury for lashing out at him. No excuses just "Sorry, I am cranky." It resulted in a user search downvoting spree that I blamed on him. After a little thought, it probably wasn't him. Oh well, apology to anyone who was bugged by my childish use of "Shut the fuck up" in the chatter box.