Acid techno developed in the mid to late 1990s in the London underground squat party scene as a development of hard German techno and trance music. It was initially pioneered by the Liberator DJs (Chris, Julian and Aaron), Lawrie Immersion, DAVE the Drummer, DDR, and the Geezer, although there are now many sound systems and DJs across the world playing it.

Notable songs and albums to listen to are:

  • Kektex - Inner City Junkies
  • Magnum Force - Unlucky Punk
  • Secret Hero - Control
  • A & E Dept - Experiment 4
  • Dynamo City - Dynamo City
  • Kektex - Two Lines Of K
  • Immersion - Purge
  • Star Power - X Ray OK
  • It's not Intelligetn...And it's not from Detroit, But it's F**cking 'Avin it! 1 & 2 (Both double CDs)
  • Free the State (Double CD)
Although the sound has diversifyed from its original TB-303-heavy roots as its creators take on other influences, the sounds remains very urban and hard, and its appeal is still limited to squart parties and techno clubs such as the excellent Nuclear Free Zone in Brixton, London.

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